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    Marketing guide

    An online guide to help you complete your marketing plan, with detailed advice on the development and implementation of an e-marketing strategy.

    Marketing Plan Template 90X

    Marketing plan template [.doc, 676kb]

    A template to help you develop a marketing plan for your business, as part of the Marketing Guide.

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    Managing customer relationships

    A guide to help you identify a range of areas to address in order to get the most from your relationships with your customers.

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    Operational Standards of Performance

    An online guide to help you through the four part process of developing new standards and improving existing ones.

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    SOP template – food and drink service

    A template to help you develop standards for your food and drink operations.

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    SOP template – food production

    A template to help you develop standards for your food production operation.

    Sales Connect GB synopsis


    Sales Connect GB is an industry focused business support which has been developed to enable you to better understand, target and grow business from Great Britain.

    Download a synopsis of the Sales Connect GB toolkit

    Sell to overseas markets


    Learn the basics of international tourism marketing in four simple steps.

    Target overseas markets