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Manage a small tourism business

Business tools is an ideal resource for learning how a business should plan and work effectively. The practical guides and easy-to-use templates are there to help owners and managers understand and address the current market and economic conditions competently, and to confidently prepare for the challenges in the months and years ahead.

With our business tools you can get access to a range of practical guides and templates focusing on:

  • helping you to  plan for growth
  • helping you to develop a marketing plan
  • helping you to recruit and lead your team
  • helping you to give the best customer service
  • helping you to make sound financial decisions
Dip in and out of any of the tools, depending where you see the need for you and your business.

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Planning for growth

A guide to help you manage the growth phase of your business.

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Marketing plan online guide

An online guide to help you complete your marketing plan, with detailed advice on the development and implementation of an e-marketing strategy.

Marketing Plan Template 90X

Marketing plan template [.doc, 676kb]

A template to help you develop a marketing plan for your business, as part of the Marketing Guide.

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How to recruit and lead your team [pdf, 2MB]

A guide to help you focus on how you recruit and motivate your people in order to build a successful work environment.

So you Want to Start a Tour

Safety guide for small tourism enterprises

A guide to help you demonstrate that you are committed to a safe environment for customers and employees.

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Customer service excellence model

A guide to help you simplify the route to service excellence in your business.

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How to develop standards [pdf, 465kb]

A guide to help you develop operational standards in departments and functions within your business.

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How to provide customer service excellence

A guide to help you on the excellence journey, to constantly push the bar to get even better at what you do.

Get results 90X60

Dealing with pricing challenges

A guide to help you broaden your understanding of key pricing challenges applicable for small business owners and managers.

Cashflow Template 90X60

Managing cash flow

A guide to help you broaden your understanding of how to manage cash flow in a small business.

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Purchasing and stock control

A guide to help you broaden your understanding of the purchasing and stock control functions in the context of a small business.

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Understanding costs and profit

A guide to help you broaden your understanding of the most common types of business costs applicable in small businesses and how they influence profit margins.

How to access finance for your business

How can you best position yourself to secure bank funding and where else is finance available?

Watch our webinar to find out more about government initiatives and how to source finance for your SME.

Duration: 35 minutes.

Give consumers symbols and standards of service they can trust and make quality assurance work for your business.

Get quality assured

Work with other businesses to capitalise on the special qualities of your locality and offer a quality experience to visitors.

Work with local businesses