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Get essential advice on improving your sales to the valuable cultural tourism sector and learn how to sell Ireland's heritage effectively.

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Start a tourism business

Starting your own business in tourism is undoubtedly a challenge and should never be entered into lightly or without due consideration. That said, with a feasible idea, effective planning and strong determination on your behalf you can and will succeed. To help you as you take the first steps on this exciting journey, we have developed a range of guides and tools to support you.

So you Want to Start a Tour

Starting a tourism business

An online guide to help you think about the key planning considerations frequently overlooked by those starting new businesses.

How to Develop a Business P

Business plan online guide

An online guide to help you understand what is required when developing a business plan for your new venture.


Start-up business plan

A template to help you with the preparation of a business plan and raising of bank finance.

Financia -Model 90X60

Financial model

An integrated Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash flow financial model for your business.

Cashflow Template 90X60

Cashflow template

A template to help review each of your company’s income sources and outgoings, including regular expenses or payments and once-off items such as tax payments or investments.

Funding for startups

There is no direct funding available from Fáilte Ireland for business startups at this time.

You can learn more about funding opportunities through the following resources:

How to access finance for your business

How can you best position yourself to secure bank funding and where else is finance available?

Watch our webinar to find out more about government initiatives and how to source finance for your SME.

Duration: 35 minutes.