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  • Make the most of your Fáilte Ireland listing

    Make sure you are using your listings on Discover Ireland and Visit Dublin to their full potential. The information you provide will potentially reach approximately 55,000 people per week through, as well as almost 350,000 individuals per week internationally through

    Make your listing stand out from the crowd with our tips on writing and the use of images.

    7 key points to remember when writing your online listing

    1. Make it easy to read: Keep your sentences simple and short and use paragraphs to break up the text. Read your text out loud to make sure it flows.

    2. Give the basics up front: Always include the name of your business/event, your location and how close you are to the nearest town or landmark in your brief description so your reader sees this important information immediately.

    3. Offer a tourism experience: Paint a picture in your listing of what your customers will get when they visit your business/event – the atmosphere, the facilities you offer, the scenery and anything that you think sets you apart from the competition.

    4. Write in the third person: It gives the reader the impression that the text is presenting impartial facts about your business/event rather than personal opinions.

    5. Keep it up-to-date: Review your listing regularly and make sure that information such as services and opening times are up to date.

    6. Get it right: Make sure that your contact details are correct and the links to your website and your booking provider website (if you have one) are working. Don’t forget to check your spelling, grammar and punctuation - mistakes can damage the impression you want to create.

    7. Explain how to get there: Always include directions to your business/event from your nearest town or landmark rather than a city or airport. Visitors can find the town using a map or satellite navigation but they may need your help to make it right to your front door. Include GPS co-ordinates for satellite navigation users.

    Using images to enhance your online listing

    1. Frame your photograph well: Make sure your photos are in focus and well-framed; crop out large expanses of sky, garden or background detail so your subject shows large in the frame.
    2. Get rid of distractions: Avoid anything that will take attention away from the subject of your photo; remove vehicles, bins, and clutter from the shot before taking your shot.
    3. Make the weather work for you: Take your photos when the sun is shining – it makes everything look more appealing.
    4. Keep up-to-date: Update your photos – an old, dated photo will not inspire potential visitors and creates a poor impression of your business/event.
    5. Technical specifications: Photos should be landscape orientation, minimum size 250k - maximum size 3mb, with a resolution of 72dpi. They should be in .jpg, .eps or .tiff format and should be original photo files with no borders, markings, image credits or image editing.
    6. Legal: You must have taken the photograph yourself or have received written permission from the copyright owner to allow the image to be used by Fáilte Ireland. Please also ensure you have received permission from any person who appears in the photos to use their image to promote your business.