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  • Fáilte Ireland welcomes retention of ‘Job-Friendly’ VAT rate Print Page
  • Fáilte Ireland welcomes retention of ‘Job-Friendly’ VAT rate

    Fáilte Ireland welcomes retention of ‘Job-Friendly’ VAT rate

    30,000 extra tourism jobs since Budget measure was introduced

    Fáilte Ireland today welcomed the continuation of the reduced rate of 9% VAT for the hospitality sector, announced in Budget 2015. The measure, originally introduced by the Government in 2011, has made a significant contribution to job creation in the tourism sector and to the perception overseas that Ireland is a destination which is good value for money.

    Speaking today, Fáilte Ireland’s CEO, Shaun Quinn, emphasised:

    “It has been demonstrated time and again in recent years that when the Government invests in tourism the country gets a healthy return, economically, socially and culturally. Our research has shown that since the VAT rate was originally cut to 9%, tourism has generated an extra 30,000 jobs.

    “With regard to employment growth in the economy, tourism has shown, being a labour intensive industry, that it can generate jobs like no other – if the conditions are right. Today’s retention of the lower rate of VAT will ensure that those conditions remain job-friendly and will help to sustain the current levels of employment growth in the sector.”   

    Fáilte Ireland also welcomed the retention of a 0% rate for the Air Travel Tax and the changes to the Employment and Investment Incentive scheme which will apply to tourism accommodation providers.

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