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    Discover new ways to help your business attract more visitors from a number of key overseas target markets with our global segmentation toolkit.

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    Managing sales channels for international growth

    Fáilte Ireland is the National Tourism Development Authority. Our role is to support the tourism industry and work to sustain Ireland as a high-quality and competitive tourism destination. We provide a range of practical business supports to help tourism businesses better manage and market their products and services.

    We also work with other state agencies and representative bodies, at local and national levels, to implement and champion positive and practical strategies that will benefit Irish tourism and the Irish economy. We promote Ireland as a holiday destination through our domestic marketing campaign,, and manage a network of nationwide tourist information centres (create link to list of TIOs) that provide help and advice for visitors to Ireland. 

    People climbing stairs on the Skellig Michael islands

    Tourism businesses need to lessen their reliance on a declining and rate-conscious domestic market by adding a greater number of overseas visitors to their overall business mix.

    However, our key account management efforts have highlighted that many tourism businesses are uncertain as to which markets and consumer type they should target. Which distribution channels will offer the best return; which players are best prospect business partners in those channels; and what are their motivations and needs in coming to the ‘negotiating table’?

    In response, we've developed a range of business supports to help you to grow overseas sales revenue. These tourism resources will in the first instance, build your overseas selling capability, and then give you greater access to key overseas markets and targeted buyers.