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    GB Path to Growth

    According to this recent report, social energisers offer huge potential for growing visitor numbers to Dublin. 

    Read the full text of the GB Path to Growth report [pdf, 1.8MB]


    Dublin is in the zone. It's changing right before our eyes. We're seeing new openings, casual eateries, collectives, and publications crop up on a daily basis. This kind of excitement and energy is exactly what entices social energisers. The challenge now is to turn exciting times into exciting content. To encourage social energisers to book trips to Dublin 2.0, we need to let them know that Dublin 2.0 exists. We need to tap into the social conversation, to sell the scene using short, punchy texts and brilliant images that offer instant 'shareability'. We need to evoke Dublin as a destination, and we need to do it now.

    Pól O Conghaile
    Travel Writer
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    Contact us if you have any queries on the Dublin Now Project or how to use this content material.

    Dublin Now

    What is the Dublin Now project?

    Dublin Now is a pilot project aimed at growing Dublin’s visitor base by attracting young, fun-loving urban adventurers (otherwise known as social energisers) from Great Britain.

    The mission of the Dublin Now Project is to reposition the city; its experiences and messages, so that this demographic recognises Dublin as a destination which offers everything they want from a break – extraordinary days and happening nights.

    We want to help you give this vital segment what they are looking for – out-of-the ordinary adventures that will awaken their senses.

    In many ways Dublin is already delivering these experiences, we all just need to get better at communicating and selling them. 

    This multimedia library has been created so your business can portray the Dublin Now message online.

    How does the Dublin Now project work?

    We are working with a cluster of Dublin businesses, already active and delivering experiences which appeal to this particular market segment, to develop Dublin’s offering. 

    Key festivals and events such as Dublin Fashion Festival, Bram Stoker Festival, TBEX, Web Summit and NYE Dublin are part of the project's focus.

    Marketing these events alongside Dublin's long standing culture of great food, contemporary fashion and vibrant music, among other things, will develop a picture of potential experience to attract these social energisers from Great Britain.

    To deliver the Dublin Now experience on the ground, we need Irish tourism businesses to showcase Dublin using vivid, engaging and sharable content online.

    How can my business get involved in Dublin Now?

    This section aims to provide you with a range of supports to assist your business in creating targeted digital content for your website.

    Access articles that cover all aspects of Dublin life; from theatre and literature, to fashion and food. Download high-quality images, text and video content and help spread the Dublin Now message to potential visitors.

    Get started and visit the Dublin Now article library below.