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Cork City and Harbour
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    Cork's got the depth you'd expect from a European Capital of Culture – the galleries, museums and live performances, plus a packed events calendar, with more than 20 major festivals each year. And there's a lively city buzz. But there's also a no-nonsense warmth and an unpressured pace that makes you feel time is on your side here. 

    Cork City and Harbour Story
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    Cork: A magical place...

    Watch the video and experience the spirit of Cork.

    Duration: 4 minutes

    CORK - Let the Magic Begin from VIDEOZOOM on Vimeo.

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    Cork City and Harbour

    Welcome to the Cork City and Harbour story...

    Cork was founded 14 centuries ago, on islands in an estuary, where the River Lee joins the world’s second-largest natural harbour.

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    A bridge over...

    Waterways circle the city-centre, crossed by 22 bridges.

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    A tasty treat...

    The 18th century English Market is loud, lively, and packed with flavour: Cork in a nutshell. The star of this indoor casbah is the local produce from this fertile region’s fields and seas.

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    Walk with me...

    Stroll through the stunning gardens of the Blarney Castle, and take the opportunity to kiss the legendary Blarney Stone, which will bestow you with the gift of eloquence.

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    Welcome to the Cork City and Harbour story – a multilingual, multimedia resource kit designed to help local businesses target and sell effectively to Ireland's key overseas markets.

    This section has been developed to help you attract more customers. It's packed full of useful information on the area, and features resources including pictures, video and story translations to capture the essence of the area and its unique appeal to visitors.

    Feel free to use the images and videos to show potential customers what makes Cork different and why your business is so special. We want to help you tell a story that catches the essence of the region and leaves the visitor wanting to find out more.

    All of the resources featured are rights free and can be used without restrictions.

    Follow the steps to use the Cork City and Harbour story toolkit to its full benefit to promote your local business.

    Step 1: Get the story

    We listened to what you, the trade in Cork, had to say about the area and to domestic and overseas visitors to create an inspiring story which explains why Cork is so special.

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    Read about the thinking behind the Cork story, take a look at the keywords and phrases to effectively promote your business and learn how to best use images and video.

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    By using consistent images, as well as a consistent story, we can build a strong brand for Cork City and Harbour and give visitors a compelling reason to visit.

    Bring your Cork story to life and explore our collection of unique images. Our picture bank has a collection of high resolution images for print, and low resolution for online purposes.

    The images have been broken down into categories to make it easier for you to find an image that meets your needs. Choose from catogories including seascapes, heritage, local food and craft, and much more.

    Step 4: Use our video resources

    Video is one of the most effective ways to get your message across and to captivate an audience. Our Cork City and Harbour video library showcases the best that the region has to offer, highlighting music, food and the incredible landscape.

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