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    How to get active in Great Britain – new supports for you

    As many of you will be aware, the Tourism Recovery Taskforce recently published one of the most important strategies ever published for the tourism sector - GB Path to Growth is aimed at revitalising the performance of our most important source market – Great Britain.  

    To help tourism businesses respond to the intelligence within the GB Path to Growth Report, and help them craft their own action plan we have published a series of online tools as part of our new Sale Connect – GB Toolkit.

    GB Path to Growth represented a fundamental shift in how we can grow visitor numbers from Great Britain. Prepared by the Tourism Recovery Taskforce the report was written following the most comprehensive ever examination of the island of Ireland and its competitors’ performance in the British market. Learn more about the GB Path to Growth.

    This is not just a plan. Leading tourism experts, Oxford Economics, have estimated that potential growth arising from following this blueprint could be close to 5% per annum during the period 2013-2016, which would represent cumulative growth of almost 20%, or close to 200,000 additional annual GB visitors, which would exceed current predictions for travel from Britain.

    So, how can you benefit from this?

    Today, Fáilte Ireland is making Sales Connect GB (a handy toolkit to make sure you and your business are GB ready) available. This project service a range of (on & offline) Business Supports to allow you to reflect and respond to the brand new market intelligence we have gathered on the GB market. This support is also designed to be applicable and expandable to other markets as we obtain new insights on other target audiences.

    So what supports are available?

    The Knowledge
    Today, Fáilte Ireland publishes Sales Connect GB – How You Can Win Business in the GB Market - all the latest research findings presented in a user friendly format. If there ever was a Bible for the GB market then this is it.

    Are you ready?
    Fáilte Ireland is also making available today the essential Sales Connect GB – Market Readiness Assessment Tool. This is a simple ‘health check’ test you can take online to see if your business is ready to win business from Britain.  

    Your custom-made plan
    From today, Fáilte Ireland is also providing you with Sales Connect GB – 20 Simple Steps to Developing your GB Action Plan.  This is an interactive Workbook which prompts you to think about your activity in light of the latest insights into the GB market. As you type in your responses to  a series of questions and prompts, you will actually create a step by step individual action plan for your business.

    And there’s more…

    To complement the launch of the Sales Connect GB service, Fáilte Ireland will also be providing a compelling mixture of further support and information both online and offline.
    Access the toolkit here

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