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Championing the concept of integrating locally produced Irish food in your business

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Part of the Bite Size Tourism Initiative

As Ireland's food scene grows, figures championing the scene have come to the fore. People not only contributing individually, but collaborating to progress Ireland's huge food potential. Fáilte Ireland is dedicated to finding the emerging players with local impact, people who champion Irish food and food tourism and are seen as doers, networkers, connectors. One such person is Tom Flavin, Executive Chef of Strand Hotel Limerick Ireland, our guest on this Bite Size Tourism Podcast. 

Dean Panter

This podcast focuses on a particular concept in tourism; providing best practice examples of how to actively sourcing and utilising locally produced foods on the menu. It’s presented by Dr Dean Panter, who has worked at the sharp end of Tourism and Hospitality both in the trade and in a training / education capacity over the last forty years and has been responsible for a number of key initiatives within Fáilte Ireland both nationally and internationally. Dean currently works for Fáilte Ireland in the capacity of National Business Operations Manager, hospitality division and is based in Limerick.

In this one-to-one interview, Dr Dean Panter speaks with Tom Flavin, Executive Chef of The Strand Hotel Limerick Ireland, about his particular passion as a chef for working with locally produced foods. Tom shares his experiences of making this concept work. Tom speaks of how best to manage the constraints and of the many business benefits that the concept offers.

To put it in perspective, the Limerick Strand Hotel is a 184-bedroom hotel which provides up to 1,000 meals per day. This fascinating interview is full of insights and practical examples of how to get started and how to capitalise on this concept and make it work for the business.

Tom Flavin - Executive Chef of The Strand Hotel Limerick

Tom Flavin has been Executive Chef at the Strand Hotel Limerick since 2007, but he has essentially been a chef almost his entire life. Tom is wholeheartedly committed to buying from local food producers, winning many awards for the Limerick Strand hotel that acknowledge both his culinary skill and his commitment to quality sourcing. He sees local sourcing as something that contributes not only to the food offering of a hotel, but to the local economy and comes back to the hotel in business and local loyalty. Tom is a member of the Limerick Food Strategy group which is developing a Limerick Food Festival and coordinating a number of smaller food events.

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