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Hotel Regulations 2016

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Fáilte Ireland has a statutory role in devising and periodically revising the minimum standards for the registration of hotels in accordance with the provisions of the Tourist Traffic Acts. These regulations were last revised by Fáilte Ireland in 2003. These minimum standards have now been revised.

The standards have now been revised in response to the following:

  1. The recommendation of the Fitzpatrick Report on Dublin Visitor Accommodation 2016-2020 (“Update existing statutory accommodation regulations, particularly those of hotels, so that they reflect contemporary consumer preferences and facilitate competition with new types of offerings in the accommodation market internationally. This should include, at minimum, bedroom size in line with international norms, greater web access and connectivity, less generous spatial requirements, and more flexible services and facilities.”)
  2. The recommendation contained within the Government’s Tourism Action Plan 2016-2018 (“…Regulations governing visitor accommodation will be reviewed and updated to address changing market needs, and developments such as the growth of the sharing economy…”.)
  3. The result of input from relevant interest groups and the findings of desk research into international practice have fed into these new regulations. These revisions to the regulations will permit a greater degree of choice in offering to operators in the hotel product, given their specific markets, location, and pricing, thus helping them to be more competitive in a European context.

    This podcast focuses on Hotel Regulation 2016. In this one–to-one short interview, Dr Dean Panter talks with one of his colleagues, Linda Campbell of the Hospitality Division within Fáilte Ireland, about the revised Hotel Regulations 2016. This discussion covers a whistle stop tour highlighting key elements and points of information about the revisions within the 2016 Hotel Regulations.

    For example: the revised guest room size is now 14 Sq. meters, regulations relating to the provision and service to guests of food and drink has also been revised; all of these revisions recognise the changing behaviour of the consumer and will further assist the drive for innovation and new provision. For further information visit
Linda Campbell - Failte Ireland

Linda Campbell - Fáilte Ireland Product Development Officer

Linda Campbell has 19 years’ experience in the tourism industry in Ireland and has worked in a variety of roles. She joined Fáilte Ireland in 2005 as Product Development Officer to participate in and contribute to the development of Fáilte Ireland’s Tourism Product Development Strategy.

Linda’s current role as Standards Development Officer in the Quality & Standards Division in Fáilte Ireland involves assisting in the operation of the National Tourism Quality Framework in relation to the listing, registration and grading of Irish tourist accommodation and tourist services.





Dean Panter - Failte Ireland

Dr Dean Panter - Fáilte Ireland Tourism and Hospitality Division

This podcast is presented by Dr Dean Panter; Dean has worked at the sharp end of Tourism and Hospitality both in the trade and in a training / education capacity over the last forty years and has been responsible for a number of key initiatives within Failte Ireland both nationally and internationally. Dean currently works for Fáilte Ireland in the capacity of National Business Operations Manager, Hospitality Division and is based in Limerick.

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