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Shining at customer service

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Part of the Bite sized tourism initiative

Why it’s so important to excel at customer service and go the extra mile in Ireland? How to SHINE at creating a natural warm and authentic Irish experience. The importance of the emotional connection for the customer and how this will bring benefits to the business. 

Dean Panter

This podcast is presented by Dr. Dean Panter who takes the opportunity to interview Edward Meade from Failte Ireland about the importance of providing quality service experiences through the provision of customer service. Dean has worked at the sharp end of Tourism and Hospitality both in the trade and in a training / education capacity over the last forty years and has been responsible for a number of key initiatives within Failte Ireland (formally CERT) both nationally and internationally. Dean currently works for Failte Ireland in the capacity of National Business Operations Manager; hospitality division and is based in Limerick.

This podcast focusses on why is it so important to excel at customer service and go the extra mile in Ireland and the importance of creating a warm natural and authentic Irish experience.

The podcast also talks about the importance of focusing on both the external and internal customer and how this will bring many benefits to the business entity.

Customers don’t just buy products they buy experiences, Edward says “It’s all about the Experience, it’s not only what’s offered that’s important, it’s about the way in which it’s offered”.

Edward talks about his 5 E’s and the emotional connection required in achieving service excellence and creating a memorable experience.

Shining at customer service and exceeding customer expectations. SHINE is a way of being!  “It’s not good enough just to satisfy your customers you must aim to wow them”.

Edward says “staff need to be proactive in terms of identifying customers’ needs as opposed to just being reactive to customer requests”. Personalise the experience and make it memorable.

Edward Meade - Failte Ireland

Edward Meade has over 38 years of experience in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. He has been working with Fáilte Ireland (formally CERT) for the last 27 years in an education and training capacity. Initially Edward worked as a food and beverage service instructor, but in his current role as a Business Development Advisor in Hospitality & Standards he specialises in developing and delivering business supports to industry. These supports focus predominantly on developing and implementing standards of performance, achieving service excellence, enhancing management and supervisory skills and increasing sales through service experiences. Although Edward’s first love is food and beverage, he has extensive experience in all aspects of the industry both nationally and internationally.

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