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Menu management

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Part of the Bite sized tourism initiative

In this interview Caroline will be talking about the five major menu management issues; comprising of menu planning, menu pricing, menu designing, menu operating and menu development. In the discussion Caroline refers to Fáilte Ireland's food tourism toolkit.

Dean Panter

In this Podcast Dr. Dean Panter takes the opportunity to talk with Caroline Byrne of Fáilte Ireland about the key points to consider in relation to Menu Management (getting it right). Dean has worked at the sharp end of Tourism and Hospitality both in the trade and in a training/education capacity over the last forty years and has been responsible for a number of key initiatives within Fáilte Ireland (formally CERT) both nationally and internationally. Dean currently works for Failte Ireland in the capacity of National Business Operations Manager; hospitality division and is based in Limerick

Caroline identifies five key factors, which when applied correctly make a collective and positive contribution to the business and its customers.

1. Menu Planning - The importance of planning in advance using local foods in season while being unique and telling the story of the food  the wow factor 

2. Menu Pricing - Achieving your gross profit using Failte Irelands  food tool kit and with food prices snowballing, why it is vitality important for you to offer value for money to the consumer and the importance of making staff aware of the operational cost as well as food cost  

3. Menu Designs - The importance of using the menu as a marketing tool and how sometimes less is more in getting the menu right   

4. Menu Operating - Sales forecasting, analysing, planning, organising and importance of delivery 

5. Menu Development - Is your menu working for you the way you want it to? 

Caroline-Byrne Failte Ireland

Caroline Byrne joined the Education and Training section of Fáilte Ireland in 2003 and has worked in this area for ten years, which included the teaching of the National Apprenticeship Culinary Programme. Caroline currently works in Hospitality & Standards as a Business Development Advisor with responsibility for the development and delivery of hospitality business operations workshops. She has over twenty years of experience in hospitality and tourism and holds a Masters in Hospitality and Tourism Management from The University of Birmingham.

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