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Locally produced foods

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Part of the bite sized tourism initiative

This podcast focusses on the importance of the visitor experience in relation to the quality, authenticity and provenance of food offerings around the country. It provides insights into the benefits of using local produce for the business, customer and locality. 

Dean Panter

Ireland has a natural and honest approach when it comes to food and an easy-going warm style that’s both rooted in tradition and very 21st century. For that reason it is important to ensure that all food experiences promoted to visitors offer a unique and distinctive Irish flavour and one that is reflective of our image as an unspoilt and hospitable destination.

In this podcast, Dr. Dean Panter takes the opportunity to talk with Kevin Quinn of Failte Ireland about the many benefits of utilizing indigenous food items on the menu. Dean has worked at the sharp end of Tourism and Hospitality both in the trade and in a training / education capacity over the last forty years and has been responsible for a number of key initiatives within Failte Ireland (formally CERT) both nationally and internationally. Dean currently works for Failte Ireland in the capacity of National Business Operations Manager; hospitality division and is based in Limerick

This podcast identifies the benefits of using locally produced foods; in particular, it focuses on the benefits for the business, the consumer and for the locality. It then draws out information on availability around the country of locally produced foods, cost issues and where to find out more about locally produced foods in your area.

It concludes by looking at how best to introduce locally produced foods on your menu and the role that front facing staff can play in the promotion of these products.

Kevin-Quinn Failte Ireland

Kevin Quinn has worked with Failte Ireland for the last 26 years, initially in an Education and Training capacity, teaching FETAC, level 5 and 6 Professional Cookery programmes for 12 years and level 4 Competency Based Programmes for 10 years. He presently works as a Business Development Advisor, Hospitality and Standards section, with responsibility for the development and delivery of training programmes around the country. Prior to that, Kevin worked as an executive head chef in the hospitality industry for 14 years. Kevin has a BA in Culinary Arts and a Master’s Degree in Adult Education.

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