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    Today’s business environment is hyper-competitive.

    This means that hotel managers are in need of solutions and supports which have a business-wide focus; addressing single aspects of business performance alone is unlikely to respond adequately to the problems facing most enterprises.

    The diagnostic indicator for hotels serves as the primary tool to help Fáilte Ireland and tourism operators to identify support needs within their enterprises. A business may also choose to use this document for its own self-assessment, separate to any involvement with Fáilte Ireland.

    The diagnostic has four sections:

    Section 1: general information: background information on your business.

    Section 2: business results: asks for ‘hard’ data – mostly in percentage terms if preferred – relating primarily to finance and customers. This will give a snapshot of your business at a particular point in time and the basis for identification of trends and comparisons over time. It also asks for the business’s assessment of its fit in relation to external benchmarks and can be benchmarked against the Crowe Horwath annual Hotel Survey Results.

    Section 3: performance drivers: the 5 Ps – promotions, performance, profitability, people and processes. This section contains 10 key questions under each of the five headings, the purpose of which is to prompt a discussion on the relevant area in order to determine whether it is an area of excellence or an area of deficiency and needing attention.

    Section 4: diagnostic summary and priority actions: allows you to make a summary rating for each of the five areas overall. Clearly, not all areas for improvement can be addressed at once, so it is a matter of prioritising what actions within the five areas will be taken in the short term to address priority challenges.

    Business diagnostic graphic.

    Completing the business diagnostic indicator for hotels and comparing your performance by using the Crowe Horwath Hotel Survey Results will help you benchmark your business’ performance against a range of relevant measures. You will have a valuable needs analysis and an accurate assessment of your hotel’s business support needs. This further acts as a support and guide for your management team as they self–assess their business performance at a particular point in time.