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    Develop your business by exploring corporate social responsibility, ethics and environmentally sustainable strategies.

    There are three key areas of business sustainability. Firstly, corporate social responsibility (CSR) wherein businesses are increasingly taking into account the financial, social and environmental impacts of their decisions and actions. Secondly, business ethics; a set of moral standards that you rely on to reach conclusions and make decisions, and thirdly, environmentally sustainable strategies which involve making decisions that are in the interests of protecting the natural world.

    Developing your understanding of corporate social responsibility and implementing it into your business now may help you to get a step ahead. You can use it to gain a competitive edge, and it may provide the opportunity to provide benefits to a wider range of business stakeholders. 

    Defining your standards and expectations in regards to ethics and moral issues can also help to improve your social responsibility and sustainability. This will help your employees to understand how they are expected to perform in the business and where the boundaries lie. 
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    Environmental sustainability is about making responsible decisions that will reduce your business' negative impact on the environment. It's not simply about reducing the amount of waste you produce, or using less energy but also largely concerned with developing processes that will lead to businesses becoming increasingly sustainable in the future.

    Business continuity; being able to continue or rebuild your business in the event of an unexpected event, and risk management; dealing with events or circumstances that have a negative effect on your business, are two other areas that need your attention when developing a sustainable business.

    The triple bottom line is an extension of the criteria used to measure economic performance and includes financial, social and environmental factors. Use this approach, outlined in the business sustainability and the environment guide and in the related documents provided in this toolkit, to identify where improvements could be made in regards to your impact on these key areas.