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    Develop your standards and review existing ones.

    Adopting a structured approach to managing operational standards in your business and maintaining them help to make life simpler and to increase the reliability of many practices that guide us and the services we provide. They are intended to be aspirational - a summary of best practices rather than general practice. Standards are created by bringing together the experience and expertise of all employees and the expectations of the customers.

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    Managing standards effectively means following a four part process:

    1. Develop your standards. When developing your standards, the key steps to consider are:

    A) Know who your customers are and be very cear on the services you provide so that you can identify the critical areas you need to focus your attention on (the areas where standards need to be developed, applied, measured and actioned).

    B) Consult with your customers and employees to find out what is important, how satisfied they are with current service delivery, what's working well and what needs to be fixed.

    C) Know the needs of the various departments – can they deliver on the required standard in terms of skills, resources and equipment.

    2. Apply your standards: empower and train your team so that the standards can be applied and communicate the standards clearly and effectively.

    3. Measure your standards: next, measure how effective you are in terms of performance against the operational standards by using a range of feedback tools and audits.

    4. Action your standards: the fourth part is often overlooked – taking action when performance is not in line with the standard. This is best done by involving all employees in the department in finding solutions to these problems.

    Following a four-step process allows you to put a structure on how standards in each department are developed, how best to communicate them, what measures to put in place and what action to take when the standards are not met. Using the operational standards of performance guide and the templates provided will help get you started on developing food and drink related standards.