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    Michel Gehrig, Vice President of Talent Development Kempinski Hotels, discusses innovation and attitude in business, and the importance of encouraging ingenuity.

    Duration: 4 minutes

    Improve your business processes

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    Improve your business processes by setting parameters for the outcomes you want, and by taking on more of a leadership role.

    Managing business processes is primarily about helping to execute strategy. It's also about maximising the efficiency of everything you do in order to deliver operational excellence and grow profitability. No business can allow inefficiency and waste, and seeking to increase your topline can be futile if your operations cannot deliver on the marketing promises made to attract that extra business, and more importantly, convert increased revenue to the bottom line.

    It is not perhaps a question of whether you already have processes in place, because you couldn’t operate a business without doing so, but it is a matter of whether you are currently driving the greatest efficiencies across all these processes.  

    Leading this effort requires you, and others in the business, to step back, diagnose and analyse your processes, then streamline them and make things more effective.
    Diagram detailing key elements of managing business processes.
    Having agreed the processes, assigned owners and set performance targets, an efficiency audit will get you to focus on the process customers, inputs, resources, potential improvements and performance measures. 

    The mapping of each process helps develop a better understanding of each process within the team, its value to the business, but more importantly by honing in on specific elements of that process you can define where improvements can be made; in other words, you cannot improve a process per-se, what you can do is improve its constituent parts and that in turn is what improves the process.

    Use the managing key business processes online guide to work through some of the priority factors that you should consider from a strategic perspective when managing processes within your business.

    Read the operational efficiency audit guide to apply the same principles at departmental and functional levels.