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Lead your people by thinking about your own personal leadership effectiveness.

Your personal leadership effectiveness derives from knowing what you are good at, leading by example and developing your relationships with your people.

Taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down and really think about your personal leadership effectiveness is probably not something you get to do very often; if you are like most owners and managers, you probably feel that there are far more practical matters to worry about.

Indeed, there are undoubtedly many pressing issues which require your attention every day, but there are none more critical than leadership; don’t underestimate the strength of the correlation between strong leadership and business success.

The focus here is more on who successful leaders are as individuals (their qualities) as opposed to what they do (their skills). After all, without the right personal qualities, skills are meaningless.
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There are three key elements of effective personal leadership:

  1. Self-awareness and leadership success: being conscious of what you are good at, while accepting that you still have plenty to learn, pushes you to constantly raise the personal effectiveness bar. Understand what makes you tick, recognise your strengths and weaknesses and continuously work hard to build your capacity to lead.

  2. Leadership traits and behaviours: there are a number of factors which are proven to support effective leadership and it is the combined impact of these traits and behaviours which enable you to ‘lead by example’.

  3. Leadership and relationships: one of the most  important activities undertaken by any leader is relationship building, and in fact, it can be argued that everything you do as a leader involves building some form of relationship. In particular, relationships between you and your employees are vital considerations. Of course, there are skills that you can learn to help you here but wanting to forge relationships with others, and understanding how that process can apply in a work context are useful prerequisites.

    Read the personal leadership effectiveness guide to see how you can develop your personal traits to help you raise your effectiveness as a leader. There is no pretence that changing your personal qualities is an easy endeavour, but it is possible with the desire to do so and much hard work.