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    There is no direct funding available from Fáilte Ireland for business start-ups at this time.

    You can learn more about funding opportunities through the following resources:

    Additional information for start-ups

    Sources of information to help start-ups and small businesses navigate the range of Government supports and understand the requirements when doing business in Ireland include:

    Starting your new hospitality enterprise

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    ​Starting your own business in hospitality is undoubtedly a challenge.

    It should never be entered into lightly or without due consideration. That said, with a feasible idea, effective planning and strong determination on your behalf you can and will succeed. There are seven key questions frequently overlooked by those starting new businesses:

    1. Are you ready for this? Ask yourself why are you doing this, who is supporting you and what skills and attributes you have that can help you to develop the business?

    2. How advanced is your idea? Ask yourself what’s your idea, what research have you done, is it easy or hard to set up what you are proposing and who are your likely competitors?

    3. What help is available? Ask yourself what government departments or agencies might help you. Have you spoken to your Local Enterprise Office? What information can you get from banks and lending institutions and what Trade/Sector Associations could you join?

    4. What will be required in terms of planning? Ask yourself what should be in your plan?

    5. What do you need to consider about finance? Ask yourself where will you get the required funding, what financial system requirements do you have, what financial reporting requirements do you have, what taxation considerations are there and what will be your pricing strategy?

    6. What will be important if you are employing people? Ask yourself what employment legislation you will have to contend with, what will you do to maximise the effectiveness of your recruitment and selection efforts and what terms and conditions will be applicable for employees?

    7. How will you gain and retain customers? Ask yourself who your customers are, what are their needs and expectations, how will you ensure you respond to those needs and how will you measure your success?

      This diagram illustrates the seven key questions you should be asking yourself as you start your business

      Having answered the seven key questions, you will be able to make more grounded decisions on the journey that lies ahead of you.