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Leading your organisation


Leadership, in any organisation, has an impact on a number of levels. Previous guides in this series focused on personal leadership, covering topics like traits, skills, and leadership styles.

The ability to lead employees every day is critical and the better you and your management team perform as leaders, the better the performance you'll see as a result.

But how you lead an organisation itself is crucial. It means defining a clear direction for the enterprise which you then plan for, in terms of developing strategic goals and strategies.

This overall, or ‘macro’ dimension of leadership is often overlooked but just as your people need direction, so too does your business as a whole. After all, if you're not clear what you're aiming for as an organisation, how can you ever hope to get there?

Leading an organisation starts with a focus on the bigger picture so that there's a clear understanding of where the business is headed. It's important to decide whether the right culture, competences and resources are in place to support that journey and if the product and service offering is right to achieve the defined goals.

To help you achieve those goals, this guide is divided into four main sections. These sections will cover the steps necessary to give your business the organisational leadership and direction it needs.


Define your vision and mission

As a good organisational leader, you must ensure that not only are your vision and mission statements developed, but that they're used practically within the business.


Make your vision and mission work

Your vision refers to your destination, while your mission relates to your journey and describes the type of business you want to operate as you move towards your vision.


Review your workplace culture

To benefit your customers and ultimately improve your overall business performance, ensure the overall environment is one that brings out the best in your employees.


Develop a leadership competence framework

By developing a leadership competence framework, you can define the parameters or competences which you feel all leaders in the business must aspire to.