Create your unique marketing strategy

How to create a marketing plan

How to create a marketing plan


Welcome to the Fáilte Ireland Marketing Guide. This standalone guide is designed to help you complete your marketing plan, with detailed advice on the development and implementation of an e-marketing strategy.

You can complete this guide in a step-by-step manner, or you can visit specific sections by clicking the links to the left. There is also a range of useful templates to help you create your marketing plan.


Examine your business as it stands

Learn how to analyse market trends, sources of revenue and your customers and competitors. Find out how to perform a SWOT analysis to consider your strategic options.


Develop your marketing strategy

Learn how to set marketing objectives, position your offerings, set pricing, open up communication channels and work out your budget. Put it all into practice by filling out a marketing planning template.


Implement your marketing strategy

Based on completing the first two parts, you'll now have the skills to write your own marketing action plan. Learn to write your strategy and use it to set practical goals for the period ahead.