Starting a hospitality enterprise

Before you embark on the challenge of starting your own tourism business, there are many important points to consider. This online guide will focus on helping you to think about key planning considerations which are frequently overlooked by those starting new businesses.

This seven-part guide is more concerned with questions than answers at this stage, as you decide in what direction you want to take your new business. When you have reviewed the questions below, you will be equipped to take a more holistic view of what's required to launch a successful tourism business.

Parts one to seven of this guide will focus on everything from questions of planning to issues of finance and everything in between. You can navigate through this course by clicking into the next step, or you can use the navigation options on the left-hand side of the screen.

The 7 questions you should ask yourself when considering starting up a tourism business: 1. Are you ready for this? 2. How advanced is your idea? 3. What help is available? 4. What will be required in terms of planning? 5. What do you need to consider about Finance? 6. What will be important if you are employing people? 7. How will you gain and retain customers?