Part 1: Are you ready for this?

Being your own boss is a rewarding experience, but it’s also extremely hard work and places a significant amount of pressure on your shoulders. Not everyone has what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur and there is no shame in not choosing to set out on your own.

But setting up a tourism business is not solely the preserve of a select few. With strong motivation, a broad range of skills and a lot of common sense, it's within the capabilities of many. Think about the following questions to help you decide if setting up your own business is really the right move for you.

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Why are you doing this?

Thing long and hard about your motivations before you embark on this challenging journey.

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Who is supporting you?

Every business owner needs financial and emotional support. Consider who you will turn to for help.

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What skills and attributes do you have?

Identify the skills you have that will help you as you set up your business and the skills you lack.