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    Championing Irish food, influencing Irish cuisine, developing Irish food tourism

    As Ireland’s contemporary food scene has emerged in recent years, characters have emerged also, at a grass roots level, championing that scene. People not only contributing to Irish food and cooking through their own individual roles and businesses, but working in their communities, in collaboration with others, to progress Ireland’s immense food potential.

    Over the course of the previous years, Fáilte Ireland initiated a process to identify these people; not the big established names of the Irish food scene, but the emerging players having an impact in their locality. Members of the tourism, food and hospitality industry all across Ireland identified people on the ground with proven ability to champion Irish food, influence Irish cuisine, promote and develop Irish food tourism; individuals recognised locally as doers, networkers, connectors; people who know how to talk the talk, but also walk the walk. Since then Fáilte Ireland has sought to support their emergence as Ireland’s Food Champions.

    They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and they all have different roles in the championing of Irish food. But they are united by their immense pride and their absolute conviction in Ireland’s food tourism potential. They want to shout from the rooftops that Ireland has a unique food experience; one that is honest and authentic, one that is as much about the people as it is about the product and the recipes. But they also want to educate, develop, connect the dots, to ensure that what we promise is what we deliver.

    Each has intimate knowledge of their own area. They are an essential local connection to what is happening on the ground; they are mediators, they are disseminators, they are all communicators.

    Our Food Champions are helping to tell Ireland’s Food Story. These are their stories.

    Aine Maguire Anthony O'Toole Christopher Molloy Claire Dalton Gabriel Flaherty Garrett Fitzgerald Gearoid Lynch
    Mark Murphy John Relihan Judith Boyle Ketty Elisabeth Kevin Ahern Niall Sabongi Patrick Ryan
    Portrait of Tom Flavin Portrait of Seaneen Sullivan Brid Torrades - Food Champion of Ireland Portrait of Ruth Healy Jacinta Dalton - Food Champion of Ireland Olivia Duff Portrait of Padraig Og Gallagher

     Mouseover and click an image to find out more about each Food Champion.

    Food Ambassadors: leaders, innovators and influencers

    Food Ambassadors continue to help to spread the vision and values of Irish food tourism among visitors, media, food tourism businesses, and other stakeholders. They are leaders in the food scene in Ireland and internationally. All are widely known and well regarded in Ireland’s food community and use their reputation and profile to help further develop food tourism in Ireland.
    They are united by their strong belief in Ireland’s immense food tourism potential. Mouseover and click an image to find out more about each Food Ambassador.

    Anthony Creswell Colin Jephson Benoit Lorge Fergus O'Halloran Deborah Evers    
    Donal Doherty Hugh O'Donnell JP McMahon Mary McGettigan Martain Bealin    
    Ross Quinn Siobhain-Ni-Ghairbhith Therese-McDermott Yvonne Carty Zach Gallagher