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Building the profile of your food festival
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    Building the profile of your food festival

    Food is a core element of living culture and reflects location, history and traditions. As a result, there is no such thing as a perfect food festival model that can be replicated anywhere  as events that work well in one location, may not work in another. 

    However, alongside the fundamentals of good festival management and production values, strong financial controls and innovative marketing, core to all successful events is that your festival must stand out in order to build its reputation. Developing this reputation can lead to increased attendance, more effective programming, sponsorship opportunities and significant benefits to the local economy and businesses.

    This section has been created to help you grow your food festival. Read on to discover ways to develop your festival, and be inspired by examples from around the world.

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    Use available food resources

    Meet our food ambassadors, selected because of their commitment to Irish cuisine and the development of food tourism. Get in touch, and learn from their experiences.

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    Create your food identity

    Find out how to create and develop a unique personality for your food festival, and make sure you stand out from the crowd.

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    Organise activities around your food festival

    Learn how you can create a buzz around your food event by linking up with local businesses, and providing smaller events either side of your festival dates.

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    Programming ideas

    Discover how you can draw up an exciting and engaging festival programme that will keep your visitors entertained.

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    Incorporate food into non-food events

    Find out how you can bring food to almost any event; from book fairs to concerts.