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    IMI & Fáilte Ireland Programme

    Fáilte Ireland, in partnership with the Irish Management Institute (IMI), has crafted the Hospitality & Tourism Executive Development Programme [pdf, 2.7MB] for senior executives in the Hospitality and Tourism sector.

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    Latest Insights

    See here for Brexit related research insights. As the situation evolves so too will this section be updated.

    For the latest tourism performance statistics and insights go to Current Tourism Performance.

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    GB & NI Markets

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    Despite the reduction in GB visitors to date and the continued devaluation of Sterling, the GB and NI markets remain an essential source of business for Ireland. These markets are our closest neighbours. We speak the same language and have great air and sea access, including road infrastructure from Northern Ireland.

    It is important, even as the full impact of Brexit is unclear, that businesses do not turn their backs on these markets and indeed strive to nurture and maintain business with current clients whilst identifying and exploiting additional opportunities.

    Insider Tips – Needs & Nuances of the GB Market

    Fáilte Ireland has conducted interviews with Tourism Ireland Market Managers and tour operators servicing the market, to get their insights on preferences of international visitors and how businesses can target these markets. Here is what they told us…

    Assessing your risk from Brexit

    Although there has been endless talk about Brexit, what type of business is most at risk?

    Businesses that:

    • are overly dependent on the GB/NI market and do not realise it

    • don’t understand their customer base

    • don’t gather and/or use customer data

    • are not focussed on delivering an exceptional customer experience

    • do not collaborate with other businesses locally

    Your first step should be to complete the online Brexit Readiness Check as this will provide you with a personalised report to help you define your Brexit response plan and the priority areas to be addressed.

    The words Get Brexit Ready are followed by a button telling people to start here

    Market Opportunities

    There is no doubt that Brexit will have a significant impact on visitors to Ireland. A fluctuating currency is affecting holiday choices but the GB market still sees their annual holiday as essential so there are opportunities to garner new business. The shape of the holiday is changing and visitors are more careful when spending so offering value for money and delivering a great experience and more important than ever.

    This webpage will be updated on a regular basis and as the Brexit situation evolves so too will this page…   

    Calendar of Supports

    The Fáilte Ireland Brexit supports programme includes a range of newly developed workshops and briefings delivered by industry leaders and subject experts. This calendar shows development programmes that are scheduled for the remainder of 2017 and will be updated as we move towards 2018. To register just click on the programme name in the calendar.

    A calendar of development events for the remainder of 2017.


    On an ongoing basis, Fáilte Ireland offers training and supports programmes which will be available at a local level. You can register for these events on the Fáilte Ireland Trade Portal.

    Latest Insights

    The GB and NI markets are important for most Irish tourism businesses – regardless of size and geographic location. For the British tourist, Sterling’s weakness has had a negative impact on the cost of their holiday in Ireland. We will be tracking on a monthly basis the impact of exchange rates on tourism goods and what this means in real terms as it impacts on the perception of value for money. As the situation evolves so too will this section.

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    For the latest tourism performance statistics and insights browse our Current Tourism Performance research section.

    In-Ireland Events, Trade Shows and Sales Missions

    Register for the Fáilte Ireland Trade Portal to get the most up to date details for in-Ireland and international events that could benefit your business.

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    Tips on how to get involved and register for trade shows and events [pdf, 237kb]