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    A Guide to Our Business Supports

    Download the new Fáilte Ireland guide to business supports for tourism businesses which includes help in the areas of driving business performance, building sales capability, being quality assured and getting Brexit ready. The guide is designed as a reference manual to help you identify and choose the support that is most relevant to you.

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    See here for Brexit related research insights. As the situation evolves so too will this section be updated.

    For the latest tourism performance statistics and insights go to Current Tourism Performance.

    Calendar of Supports

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    Find out all the information you need to apply for, or maintain approval, for your business.

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    We provide a range of practical business supports.

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    Business Performance & Competitiveness

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    In any operating environment, but particularly in light of Brexit, businesses should continually monitor performance, look for efficiencies and be conscious of remaining competitive and offering value for money to their customers. In this section you will find information to help understand the routes to market, understand how to evaluate and manage your cost per acquisition, checklists for tactical pricing and contracting and measuring your online presence.

    Download the new Fáilte Ireland guide to business supports for tourism businesses [pdf, 2.4 MB]

    Understanding Routes to Market

    Selecting the correct sales channel and sales channel mix is a difficult but important task for any tourism business. Visitors to Ireland use multiple channels, both online and offline, to book their holidays and this, combined with rapid changes in technology, can make it difficult to keep up. This route to market overview will help businesses better understand this landscape and help in the development of a strong channel management strategy.

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    Building Business Performance and Competitiveness Skills

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    This suite of supports is designed to assist businesses in improving their performance and competitiveness which is key to the sustainability of any business particularly in an uncertain market environment.

    • The Capacity, Pricing & Revenue Management [pdf, 442 KB] (Visitor Attractions) programme upskills Visitor Attractions Managers in the area of revenue and distribution management best practices and managing capacity for financial gain.

    • Pricing & Cost Management Workshop [pdf, 375kb] aims to help small tourism Business Owners & Managers to understand the financial impact business decisions can have on the profitability of their business. 

    • The objective of the CRM & Database Management Programme [pdf, 445kb] is to upskill team members who are responsible for working with their CRM and client database management systems in order to increase effectiveness.

    • The eCornell Advanced Hospitality Revenue Management Certificate Programme [pdf, 234kb] focuses on how businesses can increase sales and profits by implementing a comprehensive revenue management strategy. Competence in this area will produce a clear, competitive yield advantage for your business.

    • The Foundation Level Revenue Management [pdf, 284kb] (hotels) programme introduces participants to revenue and distribution management principles and directs them on how to implement them within their business. This programme will also address optimum pricing and key metrics for analysis.

    • The Level 1 Revenue Management programme [pdf,283kb] (hotels) is designed specifically for those who are beginning to manage the daily revenue and distribution processes within their business. The programme will give them the skill sets to achieve, among other things, optimum pricing, good rate control and key metrics analysis for their business.

    • The Level 2 Revenue Management [pdf, 283kb] (hotels) programme will help participants manage and use key metrics to inform the optimal channel mix and to enhance the skills required to manage the revenue and its role in the total business process.

    • The Revenue & Distribution Masterclass [word doc, 1.1mb] is a strategic revenue management programme which focuses on the revenue & distribution trends into the future and the impact digital distribution will have on revenue streams. Only those who have successfully completed Level 2 Revenue Management will be eligible to attend this programme. 

    You can register for these events on the Fáilte Ireland Trade PortalPlease note that all prices quoted are excluding VAT.

    Ireland's FREE Digital Asset Library

    With thousands of images, videos, top tips and illustrated maps to use in programming, sales promotion online and in brochure print, register now to avail of these FREE tools.

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    Tactical Pricing and Contracting

    Have you confidence in pricing, negotiating, contracting and nurturing new international sales business? Does your pricing strategy enable you to price and package different rates for the various sources of business? Here are some important things to consider when you are contracting business…

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    Measuring Your Online Presence

    No doubt, you are investing significant amounts of time, effort and resources in creating and maintaining your brand website and social media platforms. This section gives tips on how to increase your presence for international markets and the use of measurement tools such as Google Analytics to measure your effectiveness.

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    Managing your Cost per Acquisition

    Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is an emerging metric used to inform hotel owners about how much money they have spent in generating a room booking. The Fáilte Ireland Cost Per Acquisition Report addresses the fundamental business objectives for each hotelier, that being maximising the profitability for each room booked and it also demystifies the intricacies of the indirect hotel room booking model.

    Browse this playlist of videos from Fáilte Ireland’s conference on Cost per Acquisition and optimising a website for additional Direct Bookings. This leading expert group of speakers from around the world share their knowledge and insights as to how to improve profitability into the future.

    Browse our YouTube playlist

    Calendar of events

    The Fáilte Ireland Brexit supports programme includes a range of newly developed workshops and briefings delivered by industry leaders and subject experts. To register just click on the programme name in the calendar.

    A calendar of development events for 2018.

    On an ongoing basis, Fáilte Ireland offers training and supports programmes which will be available at a local level. You can register for these events on the Fáilte Ireland Trade Portal.