Expert guide: Jumpstarting Sales for Return to Trading

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Read the Fáilte Ireland expert advice guide for jumpstarting sales for return to trading.

Expert guide: Jumpstarting Sales for Return to Trading [pdf, 158kb]

Powerpoint: Jumpstarting Sales for Recovery

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Download the Jumpstarting Sales for Recovery Presentation to accompany the video playlist from Helen O'Leary.

Download the presentation [pdf, 400kb]

Jumpstarting sales

Our dedicated online support hub is designed to guide and advise Irish businesses over the
coming weeks and months.

How can you be preparing for the future? By maintaining strong business relationships and planning for your return to trading, you can make sure that you jumpstart your sales when it's the right time to do so.

Our expert Helen O'Leary advises you on your communication plan as COVID-19 unfolds.

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