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    Who to contact

    If you require more advice on major events, please contact Fiona Candon at First Western.

    Details of courses

    • Level 1 Revenue and Distribution Management training (2 days)
    • • Revenue and distribution management definitions and objectives

      • Structure and process

      • Measurements used in revenue and distribution management

      • Pricing – what do you need to consider?

      • Rates types, rates parity and rate integrity

      • Distribution landscape

      • Optimisation of your distribution channel mix

      • What data you need to collect and analyse

      • Demand forecasting

      • Demand metrics to include how you categorise

      • Demand months and revenue objectives

      • Setting the process for Rate Control

      • Rate Control – process and frequency

      • Reporting tools available to support rate optimization

      • How to run successful revenue meetings.

    • Level 2 Revenue and Distribution Management training (2 days)
    • Recap of key learnings from Level 1

      • Revenue management as a business process

      • Market segmentation - how can it lead and inform the sales and revenue process?

      • Market mix, business mix, channel mix – the metrics of your business

      • How segmentation can inform the sales and marketing process and enable you to drive increased revenue for your hotel

      • Channel mix review and target setting

      • Account managing suppliers

      • Brand web – tips for managing successfully

      • Mobile devices and their growing relevance

      • GDS channel – a snapshot of how to maximise business from this channel

      • Revenue meetings.

    • Level 3 Revenue and distribution management training (2 days)
    • • How to write a three year Revenue and Distribution plan or calendar

      • Key metrics – what are the figures telling you? 

      • Benchmark reports – STR, trending

      • Revenue levers you can use to maximise your revenue

      • The role of CRM in Revenue and Distribution Management

      • Implementation and practical use of revenue planning.

    Revenue and Distribution Management

    Thinking of implementing best practice Revenue and Distribution Management in your property? Fáilte Ireland are running a series of courses on this key topic.

    The aim of these courses is to equip accommodation revenue management teams with effective structures, business processes and reporting systems to enable them to achieve optimum revenue performance.

    The three levels range between two and three days, depending on the level that suits your needs. Courses are available at a subsidised rate of €100 per person/ per day.

    Revenue & Distribution Management Skills Barometer

    To ensure that the level of the course you apply for is of optimum benefit to you and your business, Fáilte Ireland has developed a Revenue and Distribution Management Skills barometer, a tool to accurately and honestly assess your current skills and competence level.

    Please note that completion of the barometer is essential before any participant can apply to attend a Revenue and Distribution Management Training Course with Fáilte Ireland.

    On completion, our Training Coordinator Fiona Candon will contact you to discuss a relevant training level to suit you and your business and provide you with a detailed course outline and booking arrangements.

    Find out which course suits you

    Who is the course for?


    Course content

    Front Office Managers, Receptionists, Deputy Managers, Duty Managers, Sales Executives, Sales and Marketing Managers, Reservations Supervisors, Revenue Managers

    Fáilte Ireland Level 1

    This course is designed for those properties who have had limited training to date or have new personnel working in this area. It focuses on those properties that may be beginning the Revenue and Distribution Management journey and wish to structure systems and processes better.

    Deputy General Managers, General Managers, Directors of Sales and Marketing, Front Office Managers, Receptionists, Deputy Managers, Duty Managers, Sales Executives, Sales & Marketing Managers, Reservations Supervisors, Revenue Managers

    Fáilte Ireland Level 2

    This level is suitable for properties who are already completing all the basic process of Revenue and Distribution Management but who wish to gain further knowledge and guidance as to how they can improve their rate performance, occupancy performance, data insights and increase overall room revenue.

    Deputy General Managers, General Managers, Directors of Sales and Marketing, Front Office Managers, Receptionists, Deputy Managers, Duty Managers, Sales Executives, Sales and Marketing Managers, Reservations Supervisors, Revenue Managers

    Fáilte Ireland Level 3

    This course is suitable for properties that have a change process on their horizon e.g. new rooms extension, change of grade, or change of target markets. This course will guide you as to how to plan over a two to three year period for the areas of revenue, sales and marketing.