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Ross Quinn

We can promise visitors that we have wonderful ingredients, wonderful artisans, and we can offer unique food experiences by giving them a chance to interact with these.

Ross Quinn

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Ross Quinn

Image of Ross QuinnFood Adventurer | Fanore, Clare

Vasco restaurant, on the Wild Atlantic Way at Fanore, County Clare, offers meat “sourced from the mountains behind you, salad leaves and herbs from our family garden, and fish and seafood from the big blue sea in front of you”.

Chef and co-owner Ross Quinn also forages and uses ingredients that reflect the landscape and agricultural heritage of the Burren region. Their menu, for example, includes goat meat; a nod to the wild goats of the Burren and something that was once a staple in the local diet.

The approach to sourcing is hyper-local and fully seasonal, with the menu changing daily, “It all depends what our suppliers have available, we basically work as a team”. The flavours and styles, however, are eclectic. Ross wanted to do something different; his focus is on tasty, wholesome and healthy food with international influences. It turned out to be the perfect platform for local collaboration.

Ross Quinn’s approach to collaboration is as local as his food sourcing. He has worked alongside other businesses to establish a community in Fanore and start Fanore Tourism Group. They looked at what was available around them – surfing, sea kayaking, rock-climbing, caving walks, fishing, and of course food – and have managed to link these to great effect, encouraging visitors to stay in the area rather than pass through.

The Vasco Deli & Craftshop, next to the restaurant, acts as an Eco-Adventure Information Centre and provides a hub for eco-tourism in Fanore, offering packages and booking. And as it just so happens, adventure sport and outdoor enthusiasts also enjoy hearty and nutritious local food.

Because the restaurant is seasonal, Ross has recently established a second business producing high quality pies and bakes for foodservice.