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  • The Dungarvan and West Waterford region has everything going for it; we have the sea, the mountains, the fields, but most importantly we have an amazing community and network... this has all led to a great food scene and I am really glad to see increasing recognition of local beer and Irish drinks as part of this. 

    Claire Dalton

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    Claire Dalton

    Claire Dalton

    Dreaming, driving, delivering | Dungarvan, Waterford

    The story of the beginning of Dungarvan Brewing Company sounds like the kind of thing everyone dreams up with friends at a dinner party but never follows through on. Claire Dalton and her husband Tom started the brewery with her brother and sister-in law after her brother got Tom interested in home brewing and they noticed the international trend towards craft beers. What started as a conversation in 2008 is today a thriving business. 

    Claire looks after the marketing for Dungarvan Brewing Company and runs tastings. She is also CEO of the West Waterford Festival of Food. Having studied English and Media and worked in the marketing world and as a lecturer, Claire returned to her native Dungarvan in 2004. 

    Dungarvan Brewing Company, launched in 2010, was in the first wave of craft beer in Ireland. They found a real thirst for a local drink offering from restaurants who were committed to local food and the ‘conversation with chefs’ has been vital to the development of their beers, each of which is named after a geographical landmark in west Waterford. 

    The same month they launched their brewery, Claire organised an Irish craft beer tasting at the West Waterford Festival of Food. Later that year, she was asked to join the board. In 2016 she took up the position of festival CEO. Now in its 10th year, Irish drink, from whiskey, gin and cider to beer, has an ever-increasing presence in the festival.

    Claire is amongst a handful of Irish people qualified as Beer Sommeliers by the Beer Academy in London. Responding to demand from visitors, Dungarvan Brewing Company began hosting Friday evening ‘Tour & Tasting’ sessions and are currently developing a full ‘food tourism experience’ including brewery tour and tasting room, as well as linking in with local food producers to develop a local food trail.