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    Garrett Fitzgerald

    Garrett Fitzgerald

    Dreaming, creating, innovating | Dublin

    Having grown up in a guesthouse in Adare, Limerick and studied Hotel Management in Shannon College, the hospitality ‘bug’ has always been within Garrett Fitzgerald, it just took him a little while to find his way back to it.

    Graduating at the height of the boom, there were immense job opportunities and Garrett ended up working in a consultancy firm and then at the Commission for Energy Regulation. But he was “constantly day-dreaming about food”. When he hit thirty he took stock and decided it was time to “stop day-dreaming and do something”. He went to Ballymaloe Cookery School to do the certificate course. Then he and his partner James headed off on a year of travelling and food discovery and on to Melbourne, where they worked in “the kind of places we wanted to emulate; artisan bakeries, neighbourhood cafes” and discovered a world of food cultures in one place. Inspired by the Middle Eastern area of Melbourne, Garrett decided he wanted to learn more and spent a number of months travelling in Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Israel. 

    Returning to Ireland with plans to open their own place, they found “a very different version of Ireland than the one we had left behind”. Recession had hit and they thought the dream might be at an end. But then came the realisation; “we can’t wait for the world to change, we have to change it ourselves”. Brother Hubbard opened on Dublin’s Capel Street in the midst of recession. Their vision to offer a “better, more interesting experience in the café space” with quality, casual food at reasonable prices fit well with what people were looking for. Starting out in 2012 with Garrett, James and 2 employees, they now employ 60 people and opened a second outlet on Harrington Street in 2014. While its influences are anchored in Middle Eastern Cuisine, they are “not pretending to be in the Middle East. We are very cognisant that we are an Irish café”. 

    And Garrett’s dreams didn’t stop there. He is publishing ‘The Brother Hubbard Cook Book’ in Autumn 2016 and about to launch Piply, a new food delivery service offering “significantly healthier but no less tasty” meals to eat at home.