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    Judith Boyle

    Judith Boyle

    Heritage lover, beer evangelist | Kildare

    What better champion for food and drink in Ireland’s Ancient East can you imagine than a 5th generation publican and beer sommelier from the Medieval town of Kildare, with a passion for food and drink history, who produces her own ‘proper heritage beer’?

    Judith Boyle grew up with drinks around all her life, at her family pub and off-licence, Boyle’s of Kildare. She studied chemistry and geology and works as a chemist at the state lab, but returned to the family business during a career break and now runs the pub alongside her father. Judith sees the pub as a key part of the Irish tourism experience, because it is something “tourists want to interact with”.

    Noting the emergence of craft beer, she embraced the opportunity to “champion small, craft producers”, and, not one to do things by halves, she became an accredited beer sommelier with the Beer Academy in London. She has now joined that ‘close-knit community’ of craft beer makers, having started ‘Two Sisters Brewing’ with her sister Susan Boyle. Together they produce ‘Brigid’s Ale’, a new beer that is steeped in history and heritage. St. Brigid, a beloved patron saint of Ireland, was from Kildare and an avid brewer and beekeeper, as is Judith and Susan’s father. Brigid’s Ale is produced with the honey from their father’s beehives and was born out of an event with Kildare’s Brigidine nuns.

    Becoming a beer-maker herself has given Judith a new perspective on selling and marketing beer, since she understands the hard work and personal investment that goes into it. Her passion for spreading the word about good beer led to the devising, with her sister Susan, of an interactive beer tasting show ‘Tales of Ales’, which was performed at the Ballymaloe Litfest. They also write a weekly beer article for local newspaper The Leinster Leader, and Judith has combined her love of beer and her chemistry skills to wow audiences at food festivals by creating delicious ‘instant beer ice-cream’ with dry ice. Judith is also a committee member for the Kildare town Medieval Festival and has recently started a ‘Made-by Market’ at the pub.