Ketty Elisabeth

Ketty Elisabeth

Telling the positive story of Irish food | Dublin

Perhaps in many ways a French woman is the ideal ambassador for Irish food tourism. For if someone who grew up in the Loire Valley, in a culture steeped in the love of food and wine, wants to tell the world that it is worth coming to Ireland for the food, people are going to listen. And they have.

Having studied Tourism Management in France, Ketty came to live and work in the travel industry in Dublin in 2004. But she did not come for the food: “When you thought about Ireland, you thought of the landscape, the people, but not the food”. She left Ireland to travel in 2010 and, returning in 2011, found it changed. From the recession had emerged a new modern Irish food scene. The food in Dublin had become “much more interesting, more diverse, really exciting”. In 2012 Ketty started her multi-award winning blog, French Foodie in Dublin, to “share positivity about the Irish food scene at all levels, share the places I loved”, and in 2013 she started French food themed tours in Dublin.

Having completed a certificate course in Ballymaloe Cookery School, “where they have always believed in Irish food”, Ketty gained the confidence to focus her tours on Irish food and in 2015 re-branded them as ‘Delicious Dublin Tours’. Her passion for the Dublin food scene is infectious and with her tours she is on a mission to “make locals proud of their food and food culture” and make sure “tourists go home and tell their friends about food in Ireland”.

In addition to writing her blog and running food tours, Ketty also helps other food businesses tell their story through freelance social media management and content writing, as well as facilitating blogging workshops.