Organising activities around your food festival
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    Organising activities around your food festival

    Galway food festival

    One of the objectives for food tourism in Ireland is to expand the profile, quality and number of food tourism experiences available to the visitor. There has been significant growth in the number of food festivals, the extent of their programming and their popularity in the past few years but, there is now scope to create food-related activities and experiences outside of the festival period.

    In order to achieve this objective, we are encouraging destinations to schedule a series of food-related events, many of which can incorporate existing activities.

    There are many advantages to developing additional food events around your main festival dates.

    • You will provide the visitor with a wide range of food-related activities to choose from, not just one.

    • It's a great way to encourage producers and businesses in the area to get involved in offering a tourism experience as they can just commit to one or two events, over an extended period.

    • Creating new events gives the area a stronger food identity, that in turn will help build its ‘foodie’ reputation and credentials.

    • Enhance marketing activity by adding events. An extended programme spread over a two or three month period means there is always ‘new news’ to use in press releases and social media.

    • It is a fantastic opportunity to pilot new events on a smaller scale that you may be considering adding to your festival programme. This will help gauge consumer interest and iron out any logistical challenges.

    • It also can provide an opportunity for national and international media to sample food events in the area and promote upcoming dates.

    Develop a food series

    Be inspired by some of the regular food events happening around the country.

    Meath becomes a culinary wonderland during the summer months, with weekly events to tickle everyone's tastebuds.

    "Don’t just visit the Burren…taste it!"

    Every Monday from April through to October, a themed food event takes place in locations around the region.

    Spread the word

    It may take a couple of seasons for the reputation of your food event to really take hold and gain momentum. 

    However, to help establish the series, it is important that everyone in the local community gets involved.

    Those most likely to meet visitors in the area such as taxi drivers, staff in tourist information centres, shops, pubs, cafes, petrol stations etc should know about the food events to help spread the word.