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    Create your food identity

    Your festival should have its own personality and identity. To help build the profile of your festival it is important to find something unique that can differentiate you from the close to 50 other food festivals happening in Ireland on an annual basis.

    Location, location...

    Have a clear theme or identity that reflects your location. Activities and offerings throughout the festival should echo this theme.

    Check out the following examples of events that incorporate their region into their festival personality:

    Be unforgettable

    Develop a signature event that you can build on each year. This prevents ‘theme hopping’ and contributes to developing your reputation and brand. Quirky and unique events often work really well.

    From cheese-rolling to pea shooting, be inspired by these examples:

    Play to your strengths

    Don’t be afraid to target niche markets and specialist groups.

    Create an event that will attract international experts to speak, demonstrate or hold workshops, and develop it to become the 'must attend' event for people in that field.

    Think about things that your region excels in – making cheese, brewing, agricultural techniques, maybe even start the world summit for allotment growers!