Incorporate food into non-food events
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    Incorporate food into non-food events

    There are numerous events and activities around the country every year, so why not add a food tourism element to them?

    Take a look at the suggestions below, and build on the ideas for your own food festival.

    Foodie trails

    Create a restaurant trail in which a number of restaurants, pubs and cafés feature a special dish or menu for the duration of the event. These could feature regional specialities and local foods. Talk to the event coordinator and see if they can add the restaurant trail into their programme.
    Once this is set up it can be replicated during any local event, be it a book festival or Bruce Springsteen concert.

    Adapt food to the festival theme

    The theme of other festivals can also be used as inspiration to include a food related events as part of the programming.

    • Book festival: An evening discussing the evolution of cookery books.

    • Heritage or cultural event: A discussion on food served and dining habits of the great houses of Ireland. The history of the humble spud or Ireland’s rich food heritage are also topics worth exploring.

    • Art festival: How is food depicted in art through the ages, or maybe food photography or painting workshops.

    • Walking festival: A walk around the town or local area that talks about the food and the agricultural traditions of the region, their history and the impact on the towns’ development.