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Food trends for American holiday-makers
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    Food trends for American holiday-makers

    The American holiday-maker tends to sample as many traditional dishes as available. A sense of locality is very important, so it is well worth emphasising the locally sourced ingredients and locally grown vegetables whenever possible.

    Visitors from the USA also enjoy larger lunches and love potatoes, so traditional dishes like champ and colcannon often go down well.

    Here are some typical examples and trends of American holiday-makers, one of our major international markets:


    Eggs in a wicker basketScrambled and fried eggs, bacon, pancakes, fresh fruit, cereals, kippers, smoked salmon, smoothies, juice, toasted white bread, muffins, syrups/honey, tea and coffee.


    Shepherds pie on plateSoups, chowder, open sandwiches, salads. Irish full hearty main courses, e.g. Irish stew.


    Crab claws on a serving plateSoups, chowder, salads, smoked salmon, ribs, garlic mushrooms, egg mayonnaise, shellfish, deep-fried cheese parcels, corn on the cob, local fish, boxty starters, crubeens, potato cakes and mussels. 

    Main courses

    Fish in a sauce on a plateBacon and cabbage, Irish stews, local fish, traditional steaks, wild Irish game, and fresh vegetables. 


    Scone with cream and jamBread and butter pudding, carrot cake, apple pie, Irish whiskey cake, ice-cream, crumbles, chocolate fudge cake, brownies, and baked cheesecake.

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