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Food trends for German holiday-makers
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    Food trends for German holiday-makers

    The German holiday-maker is health conscious and enjoys activity excursions, so he or she tends to have quite an appetite in the evenings.

    Lunches are light, with many German visitors opting for a healthier option. However, they will try traditional dishes and are more open to the potato than other European Markets.

    Here are some typical examples and food trends of German visitors, one of our major international markets:


    fresh eggs in a wicker basketFried, scrambled and boiled eggs, variety of sausage, cured meats, fresh fruit, muesli, grains, herring, smoked fish, toast, soda breads, pastries, soft cheese, speciality tea and coffee. 


    pan-fried fishSoups, salads, open sandwiches, healthier options e.g. pan fried fish of the day.


    Salmon steak in a sauceSoup, broths, salads, game, sausage, puddings, smoked salmon, shellfish, oily fish, smoked meats, breaded mushrooms, crudités,  meatballs, soft cheese parcels, mackerel fritters.

    Main courses

    Breaded dishFresh fish, stews, breaded chicken or pork, beef or game sausages, local vegetables, seafood pie, potato dishes.


    blackboard dessert menuApple tarts/pies, fruit fritters, rice pudding, chocolate gateaux, pear and almond tart, coffee cake, and fresh fruit.

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