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Food trends for Italian holiday-makers
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    Food trends for Italian holiday-makers

    Italian holiday-makers prefer to eat longer and later, they enjoy light lunches and larger evening meals.

    Visitors from Italy are not great potato lovers, so salads and plenty of yeasty bread /rolls are popular choices.

    Here are some typical examples and food trends of Italian visitors, one of our major international markets:


    Fresh eggs in a wicker basketScrambled and boiled eggs, cured meats, fresh tomatoes, smoked and oily fish, yeasty breads, pastries, chocolate spread, cereals, cheese, fresh fruit, yoghurts, juices, and speciality coffees.


    asparagus bundlesSoups, open sandwiches with ham or cheese, salads.


    mussels on iceSoup, selection of salads, cured meats, grilled vegetables, wild mushrooms, choice of cheeses, sardines and shellfish.

    Main courses

    breaded dishFresh fish, veal, steak, chicken, tomato based sauces, breaded meat or fish, local vegetables e.g. mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach.


    Cheese board of hard Irish cheeseIce-cream, fruit, chocolate cake, pastries, cheese, and espresso coffee.

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