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    Branding and promotion

    It's vital that a comprehensive marketing plan is put in place to promote a newly-established food trail. These questions and suggestions will help you to decide on the right marketing plan for your needs.

    • How will branding/marketing activities be funded, managed and sustained?

    • Who is your target market?

    • What can you offer them that no one else can?

    • Develop branding – what's the look and feel of your trail identity?

    • Use clear and consistent symbols and colours to identify the various types of businesses.

    • Keep branding consistent across all marketing platforms.

    • Do you have an effective slogan or phrase that encapsulates the trail and its location? For example, "savour the flavours of..." or "taste of…".

    • What type of communication pieces will you use? Examples include printed route maps, downloadable PDFs, Apps, downloadable blogs and podcasts.

    • Who will create them?

    • How will they be distributed?

    • Could you create a calendar of events to help promote the trail and generate PR?

    • Do you have a media list?

    • Who will create and implement marketing plan?

    • What will your web presence be like?

    • How will it be created and content managed?

    • What level of detail will be included about each operator balanced with maps and imagery?

    • Do you have quality photographs and video and audio clips available?

    • Will your trail be signposted?

    • If yes, how?

    • How will this be funded and maintained?

    Remember, imagery is hugely important when promoting a food trail. Visitors relate well to photos that place the food in the context of the landscape and imagery that includes people who look like them.