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Setting membership criteria
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    Setting membership criteria

    Setting criteria for participation and adhering to them are of critical importance - the credibility of the businesses involved and the promise of a quality visitor experience will rely on them.

    They will also form the basis for decisions around inclusions and exclusions of businesses and the potential fallout from these decisions.

    Divide your criteria into mandatory and discretionary categories. Certain criteria should be mandatory for applicants, with their inclusion dependant upon their compliance, in order to ensure consistent quality standards for your food trail.

    Each destination can then decide whether there is further criteria they wish to add that is relevant to their own region. Browse our list to see if there are any suggestions that could improve the quality of your food trail.

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    Mandatory criteria

    Decide which criteria will be mandatory and therefore crucial to the success of your food trail. Compliance with this criteria will be necessary for all participants.

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    Discretionary criteria

    Decide on further criteria that might be particularly relevant to your region or the ethos of your trail. Choose from our list of suggestions.