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Quotes from Dublin's food story
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    ...by the stories that other Dublin businesses are already telling.

    These stories (which are examples for inspiration, not to use word-for-word) draw in potential visitors with captivating descriptions of what makes them different, of what gets right to the heart of their unique offering.

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    Make the story work for you with these helpful suggestions.

    Tips for creating your story

    Quotes from Dublin's food story

    The big themes of the food tourism story are already being used by some of the most successful food businesses in Dublin. 

    For inspiration, here are some examples of businesses who have captured their pride in Irish food while driving Dublin’s vibrant and contemporary food scene.

    Our philosophy is simple – unfussy plates of honest, good food, served in relaxed, upscale surroundings.

    The Marker Hotel, Grand Canal Square

    The humble spud made beautiful.

    Boxty House, Temple Bar

    “A restaurant devoid of bells and whistles. The star of the show is always the produce, from all corners of the island, from small artisan operators who use old and trusted production methods.”

    The Winding Stair, Lower Ormond Quay

    An Irish restaurant serving good, honest Irish fare with a modern touch. A warm, friendly restaurant.

    Pig’s Ear Restaurant, Nassau Street

    Slow food prepared by people who take pride in what they do. All our food is local and seasonal.

    Ely Wine Bar, Dublin

    A homely and welcoming space.

    Queen of Tarts, Dame Street

    Friendly and homely.

    The House Restaurant, Leeson Street

    We are fortunate to live in a country that has diverse landscapes and bountiful waters. When you have the richness of the Irish larder to choose from there’s an opportunity to really soar.

    Chapter One, Parnell Square North

    All-day dining of an informal and easy nature. No fuss, just good, honest Irish food.

    Hatch & Sons, St Stephen's Green

    The season’s good stuff from land and sea, cooked with gentle respect for excellent ingredients.

    Fallon & Byrne, Exchequer Street

    Served by cheerful sorts.

    Fallon & Byrne, Exchequer Street