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    CSO Overseas Travel January-November 2016

    CSO Overseas Travel January-November 2016

    The CSO have today issued Overseas Travel figures for the period January to November 2016. This release contains details of visitor numbers (which include same day visits) to Ireland along with Irish trips abroad.

    The main points in today’s release are as follows:

    • There were 8.9 million overseas visitors to Ireland during the period January to November 2016 resulting in an increase of 11% over the same period last year.
    • British trips increased by 11% from January to November.
    • North American visitor numbers grew by 18% while trips to Ireland from Mainland European countries were up by 9%.
    • Visitor numbers from all other long haul areas rose by 2%.

    Britain   +11
    North America   +18
    Mainland Europe   +9
    Other Areas   +2
    Total Overseas   +11
    Percentage change 2016 vs. 2015
    Shaun Quinn, CEO of Fáilte Ireland, welcomed today’s figures and added:

    “From Fáilte Ireland’s point of view, in terms of performance, these figures indicate that we are looking at close to nine million visitors this year which is a record-breaking performance. It’s been a phenomenal year driven by a number of factors. We’ve seen lots of further growth in terms of access to this country and that’s really helpful. Prevailing conditions in a lot of our overseas markets have been favourable and, to be fair, the Irish tourist industry has remained competitive. However, looking back on the year, a lot of things have happened that we couldn’t have predicted. In particular, I think that Brexit sticks out in that regard. Anything that affects our nearest overseas market like that is something that you simply can’t ignore.  Looking to 2017, the tourism sector will need to shift its focus towards Continental Europe – a much more stable market with great further potential - to sustain growth.”

    Note: The CSO statistics for overseas visitors referred to above do not include visitors who arrive/depart via Northern Ireland and spend at least an overnight in the Republic. 

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