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    Fáilte Ireland €1m Fund to Enhance Visitor Attractions in Ireland’s Ancient East

    Fáilte Ireland €1m Fund to Enhance Visitor Attractions in Ireland’s Ancient East

    Fáilte Ireland the Government’s National Tourism Development Authority today announced an Ireland’s Ancient East Grants Scheme for Storytelling and Interpretation in the region. With €1m being earmarked for the initiative, heritage and visitor attractions throughout Ireland’s Ancient East are being invited to submit their ideas to improve the quality of physical interpretation – audio guides, video, interpretive panels and interactive technology – at their sites.

    Responding to today’s announcement, Minister of State for Tourism, Brendan Griffin TD said:

    “Ireland’s Ancient East, like Fáilte Ireland’s other experience brands, is constantly evolving and I welcome this development which seeks to build on all the great work in the region to bring our history alive. The modern tourist wants a more interactive and accessible experience and this scheme will help us to ensure that many of our attractions are even more appealing to tourists.”

    The scheme announced today is now seeking applications from eligible attractions to submit plans for boosting their storytelling capability - in line with Fáilte Ireland’s Toolkit for Storytelling Interpretation.

    Speaking today, Fáilte Ireland CEO Paul Kelly explained the purpose of the scheme:

    “If we are to develop brilliant visitor experiences, we need to enhance our existing attractions and bring their stories to life. Emerging technology is creating new ways for visitors to enjoy history and heritage and - combined with rising visitor expectations and international standards for immersive, engaging and interactive experiences – this creates both an opportunity and a need for this kind of development to keep our tourism offering strong.

    “We want to build on the great stories and heritage that we have in each county of Ireland’s Ancient East and support improved ways to bring local tales and legends alive for all our visitors and to really allow tourists to plug into what Ireland, its people and its past are all about.”

    Fáilte Ireland has identified a number of strategic objectives and priorities for Ireland’s Ancient East which are specific to using storytelling interpretation to create brilliant experiences and in turn to deliver economic benefits.

    These objectives are to:

    • Deliver engaging world class visitor experiences that make Ireland’s living and historical culture accessible through the use of authentic stories as a differentiator;
    • Create and deliver unique visitor experiences based on “living” the history;
    • Provide the visitor with interpretation in the first language of the target audience, i.e. in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian;
    • Increase the length of time visitors spend in Ireland’s Ancient East and the amount of money they spend there;
    • Encourage overseas visitors to stay beyond the traditional tourism season and to visit longer.

    For more detail on today’s scheme you can visit [LINK].

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    For further information please contact:

    Alex Connolly – Head of Communications 086 7966320/01 8847884

    Ireland’s Ancient East

    Ireland’s Ancient East has been developed by Fáilte Ireland as a branded visitor experience encompassing the rich heritage and cultural assets that Ireland has to offer in the midlands/eastern half of the country.

    Fáilte Ireland’s goal is to make Ireland’s Ancient East the most personally engaging cultural destination in Europe by harnessing our living culture, lush landscapes and hidden history, opening it up for everyone. When we achieve this, we support sustained economic growth and community wellbeing whilst valuing our heritage, history and environment.

    The Ireland’s Ancient East visitor experience is based on Ireland’s rich built, natural and cultural legacy, made accessible and delivered through storytelling and interpretation at key historical sites throughout the region.

    A series of themes (or Signature Stories) across Ireland’s Ancient East have been created and these stories are shaping the experiences we wish to develop to meet our visitors’ expectations. They include:

    • Ancient Ireland
    • Castles and Conquests
    • High Kings and Heroes
    • Tales of Two Worlds
    • Maritime Gateway
    • Ireland’s Mystical Waterway
    • Sacred Ireland
    • The Sport of Kings
    • Vikings

    Further details on the Ireland’s Ancient East Brand can be found at: and .

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