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    Fáilte Ireland Awards €200,000 Grant to Tipperary County Museum

    Fáilte Ireland Awards €200,000 Grant to Tipperary County Museum

    The history and stories behind Tipperary County Museum will be brought to life thanks to a €200,000 development grant from Fáilte Ireland.

    As part of its wider strategy to boost tourism and revenue across Ireland’s regions, Fáilte Ireland is providing a series of capital grants through the new Storytelling Interpretation Grants Scheme to improve the quality of animation and storytelling at existing attractions throughout Ireland’s Ancient East.

    Successful bids, including Tipperary County Museum, have been recognised for their ability to improve the quality of physical interpretation at their sites through a range of innovative resources including audio guides, video and interactive technology.

    Welcoming the funding announcement today, Minister of State for Tourism and Sport, Brendan Griffin T.D., said:

    “Ireland’s Ancient East attracts visitors from across the country and overseas thanks to its rich history and storytelling. Tipperary is a key player in Ireland’s Ancient East, with a wealth of experiences, culture and heritage available across the whole county, all year round. Grants like this one for Tipperary County Museum will really help to boost the tourism offering here and, in turn, drive even more visitors and revenue into County Tipperary.”

    Jenny De Saulles, Head of Ireland’s Ancient East at Fáilte Ireland, said:

    “Visitors from around the world are increasingly expecting more interactive and hands-on ways to enjoy history and heritage – key components of our Ireland’s Ancient East brand. Development grants, like the one we’ve announced today for Tipperary County Museum, are vital in ensuring our tourism offering remains strong and competitive.

    “One of the key aims of our Ireland’s Ancient East brand is to drive greater regional growth and a longer season for many businesses. At Fáilte Ireland, we will continue to support tourism businesses across the county to develop a world-class experience for visitors from every corner of the globe.”

    Marie McMahon, Tipperary County Council, commented:

    “Tipperary County Council is delighted with the announcement by Fáilte Ireland that the Tipperary County Museum is to receive significant funding through its “Ireland’s Ancient East (IAE) ‘Storytelling Interpretation’ Grant Scheme”. This funding affords Tipperary County Council the opportunity to commence with phase one of the “Flights of Discovery” tourism vision for Tipperary.  This project, when complete, will bring a substantial increase in visitor numbers leading to sustained economic growth and investment into Clonmel. We are extremely grateful for Fáilte Ireland's support for the first phase of this project.

    The “Flights of Discovery” Tourism Project will focus around Clonmel and will centre initially around three core linked but separate hubs, including the re-interpretation and re-imagining of the County Museum’s extensive collection, the re-visioning and re-use of the Westgate on O’Connell Street/Irish town and the development of a unique significant cultural and heritage attraction of scale on the original Bulmers sites.”

    Fáilte Ireland has identified a number of strategic objectives and priorities for Ireland’s Ancient East which target the use of storytelling interpretation to create brilliant experiences and in turn to deliver economic benefits.

    These objectives are to:

    Deliver engaging world-class visitor experiences that make Ireland’s living and historical culture accessible through the use of authentic stories as a differentiator;
    Create and deliver unique visitor experiences based on “living” the history;
    Provide the visitor with interpretation in the first language of the target audience, i.e. in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian;
    Increase the length of time visitors spend in Ireland’s Ancient East and the amount of money they spend there;
    Encourage overseas visitors to stay beyond the traditional tourism season and to visit longer.

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