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    Overseas Visitors to Ireland January–September 2017

    Overseas Visitors to Ireland January–September 2017

    Overseas visitors to Ireland were up by 2.9% for January to September according to the latest figures from the CSO.
    According to these new figures, 7.7 million overseas visitors came to Ireland during January to September which is an increase of 2.9% on last year.
    Britain was down 6.7% to 2.8 million visitors showing a slight improvement on the Jan-Aug figures.
    Visitors from Mainland Europe were up by 3.5% to 2.7 million during Jan-Sept; Spain stands out with numbers up by 15.4% with Nordic countries (+9.6%) also performing well.
    North American visitors at 1.7 million continued to grow at double-digit level to 18.6% - with visitors from all Other Areas are also reporting double-digit growth – up 16.2% to 491,000 visitors

    All Visitors (Overnight & Day trips)
    Jan-Sept (000)
      2016 2017 % Change
    Britain 3,014 2,811 -6.7
    North America 1,396 1,655 18.6
    Mainland Europe 2,613 2,705 3.5
    France 433 440 1.5
    Germany 520 534 2.8
    Italy 287 288 0.2
    Spain 308 356 15.4
    Other Areas 422 491 16.2
    Australia/New Zealand 156 166 6.3
    Total Visitors 7,445 7,661 2.9
    Commenting on today’s CSO data, Fáilte Ireland CEO Paul Kelly said:

    “Today’s CSO figures provide us with more insights as to how tourism is faring this year. With September’s data included, we see that overall growth is up with the performance of North American and other long  haul markets proving particularly impressive.

    “Europe is holding steady but, from today’s data, we can observe double digit growth from Spain and the Nordic countries – underlining the growth potential out there for tourism businesses from markets beyond the traditional ‘old reliables’ of Britain, Germany, France and North America.

    “The decline in British numbers remains significant and this impact is felt most in those parts of Ireland heavily reliant on British and Northern Irish visitors.

    “The growth in long haul destinations and in non-traditional markets closer to home – like Spain and the Scandinavian countries – underpins the need for Irish tourism businesses to have the capability to secure and service visitors from those destinations. As we roll out our new Get Brexit Ready programme around the country, we are particularly stressing the need for market diversification overseas in those parts where the greatest growth potential exists as well as specific strategies for retaining British business. We would urge tourism businesses to engage with the programme and they can find out more at”


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