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    The Gathering Ireland gathers momentum

    The Gathering Ireland gathers momentum

    One of the largest initiatives for 2013, The Gathering Ireland 2013, is building steam as it prepares to launch on New Year’s Eve.

    This past few weeks specifically has seen a major milestone reached as The Gathering Ireland appeared as title sponsor to the Emerald Isle Classic which was broadcast to a potential US viewership of 110 million and a European viewership of 20 million from Aviva Stadium last weekend.

    The invitation to come to Ireland next year to enjoy Gathering Ireland 2013 was discussed during the commentary and prominently displayed throughout the broadcast. Watch the video footage showcasing Ireland’s scenery and many attractions was also broadcast during the breaks in play below.

    It did not however stop there, 82,000 supporters attending the All-Ireland hurling final last weekend were also be encouraged to ‘gather’ as they were treated to a true spectacle and on-field pageantry in Croke Park yesterday.

    Signs that Ireland is getting ready to welcome these additional visitors can also be seen – some cases literally. Dublin Airport, Dublin city centre’s quayside and Aviva Stadium are now all prominently displaying Gathering Ireland branding. Not to be outdone, a large ‘The Gathering Ireland 2013’ banner is displayed prominently on the front of Aras Fáilte, Fáilte Ireland’s HQ on Amiens St in Dublin, for all the rush hour traffic to see.

    An RTE series titled ‘The Gathering’ is also set to air at 7pm on Tuesday, 2nd October, as it follows six well-known Irish people now living overseas as they revisit their hometowns to see what plans are being made for next year.

    Over the past number of months many productive partnerships have been established and regional facilitators are now in place across the country working directly with the local community to ensure the initiative is a success across the entire country. Up to 2,000 people already attended 11 community meetings in June and July, which resulted in huge commitment from local communities to get involved with The Gathering.

    More than 260 gatherings are now already confirmed for next year and a new wave of meetings will now take place throughout September and October across the country letting everyone know how they can take part in this enormous initiative.

    Speaking about The Gathering and its importance for Irish tourism, Shaun Quinn, Chief Executive, Fáilte Ireland emphasised –

    “When we first proposed ‘The Gathering’ as a concept, we always felt that it had the potential to capture the public imagination. I think that the excitement generated around the Navy-Notre Dame game last weekend provided the perfect launchpad into the US for the kind of energy, engagement and atmosphere that The Gathering will offer visitors throughout 2013.

    “Furthermore, this initiative offers the Irish tourism sector a powerful opportunity to benefit from extra visitors next year. However, to ensure this happens, we all have a major part to play in maximizing the potential which next year offers.

    “From facilitating local meetings and contributing to ‘Gathering’ ideas, to ensuring visitors next year experience the very best of Ireland, I would encourage all businesses to get involved and ‘be part’ of The Gathering Ireland 2013.”

    A full list of Community meetings can be found on The Gathering Ireland’s website

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