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    Electric Escapes add the personal touch to their Facebook page by using informal language and being creative with their posts. They include ‘surprises’ in their posts such as novel images to trigger engagement among their Facebook fans.

    Adding the personal touch on Facebook


    Who are Electric Escapes?

    Electric Escapes is a cycling tour operator based in the West of Ireland. Electric Escapes has recently formed Electric Escapes Ireland comprising of 7 other bike companies throughout Ireland offering the same Kalkhoff  E – bikes and a similar cycling experience, with each company creating its own Facebook community.

    Facebook page - overview

    Electric Escapes has a lively and engaging Facebook page and is in the process of building its engagement with its Facebook fans and growing awareness of its brand. One of the ways that Paul Harmon of Electric Escapes is doing this is by running a competition for a fan to win an electric bicycle on his Facebook page. This keeps fans engaged. While Electric Escapes provide guided tours on their electric bicycles, they also sell electric bicycles to enthusiasts as well. Paul doesn’t believe in doing a ‘hard sell’ though, he has found that a more discreet approach to making a sale on his Facebook page yields better results.

    What posts work best?

    Paul doesn’t just include standard posts about cycling on his Facebook page, he also puts in ‘surprises’ to engage his fans. For example he recently posted an image of a frog he rescued on the road while out on a trip! He puts up posts about the local area – so it’s not all cycling related. Paul also puts up different age-related images to appeal to his customer base which has a mixed age range. Just to keep his fans guessing, he also takes obscure pictures of the local area and asks people to identify where they are – a day’s bike hire is the prize for each lucky winner!

    Facebook was a particularly successful channel for Paul’s crowd-funding initiative in 2013. Seeking to expand the business Paul invited the public to invest in Electric Escapes via Facebook and had a great response meeting more than his funding targets via this channel. Once or twice a year he posts a thank you to their investors and sponsors on Facebook. He describes his fan base as comprising of different communities; his community of sponsors, his community of leisure cyclists and his community of keen electric bicycle enthusiasts. Paul aims to tailor his posts according to the needs/interests of each different type of community on the Electric Escapes Facebook page.

    Paul uses *HootSuite to manage his social media channels. He is currently experimenting with using Vine to produce short videos for his Twitter Feed and Vimeo for videos for his Facebook page.

    Repeat business

    Paul feels that a relaxed, informal approach to interacting with his fans on Facebook yields good results rather than having a Facebook page that is slick and ‘overly professional’. He attributes his repeat business to the ‘personality’ that he puts into his Facebook page - the authenticity and the genuineness of his posts are why people come back again and again.

    * HootSuite is a social media management system for brand management

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